To become a member, the fee is $500 annually.  We have retained some of the sharpest Civil Rights minds in the business to help you. 

In order to be paired with a private investor for industrial hemp production, a Socially Disadvantaged Farmer must become a member of the organization and take part in a Hemp Seminar that will be held in the fall.

All investors must be a member of become a member of the organization in order to be paired with a farmer for industrial hemp production. 

In addition, we cannot act on your behalf if you are not a member.

For our legal team to represent you in a formal hearing before the Administrative Law Judge, the fee is $2,000 for customary expenses and 35% of the monetary award, if we prevail, but first we will try to get the government to pay your legal fees. Call for our payment plan today! We have retained very skilled attorneys that specializes in Civil Rights and Administrative Law.

If you were a class member of Pigford, Keepseagle, Love or Garcia or currently have a pending discrimination complaint lodged at the USDA's Office of Civil Rights. 

We can help!

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